Macros in directory names, such as %weekday%

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Post by mawg

In addition to %weekday% and %month% which give text values, is there an equivalent for a numerical value?

I find it much easier to look at these things numerically than alphabetically. e.g 1 Sun 2 Mon 3 Tue, etc

If there are no such macros, how do I go about requesting them?
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Post by Zenju

Done. I've added %WeekDay%, %WeekDayName%,and %MonthName% macros.

%WeekDay% was changed to return the numerical value instead.
%WeekDay% from old configurations is automatically migrated to %WeekDayName% when updating the next FFS version:
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Post by mawg

Wow!! An incredibly quick response. Thank you *very* much :-)
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Post by rtbaileyphd

I just upgraded a few days ago and this change caused a lot of problems. FFS started creating daily mirrors Mon, Tue, etc. instead of Monday, Tuesday, etc. and it took me a while to figure out what was going on. A better approach would have been to leave %WeekDay% alone and just add new macros %WeekDayShortName% and %WeekDayNum%.
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Post by stg

I too have just been hit with this change, I redonated and downloaded the new version (previosly was on 10.4) and now I have lots of space used up (624Gb) and the backups were taking hours, so I had to spend hours wondering what had happened.

It would of been better to ADD new macros instead of altering existing ones.
I still love this software and thank you for writing it. :-)