Directional Folder Sync

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Post by ClarkJeff

Can I set up FFS so that specific folders at different levels are synchronized in one direction only, while other specific folders at different levels are synchronized in the opposite direction only between two systems?

Some folders are A->B, while others are A<-B.

The folders will be multiple levels deep, so the direction could be different between levels.

If I would schedule it in Scheduled Tasks, is that the same task or will it require multiple tasks?

I'm trying to synchronize some iSeries Integrated File Systems and network folders.


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Post by Radish

Basically it looks like you need multiple tasks but you can set them up in such a way that they are executed, one after the other, via a single sync operation. You could tinker with this by using this tip and setting up appropriate individual comparison, filters and sync settings for each task etc.:
Synchronize multiple folder pairs at a time with different configurations

Don't know how to set up a scheduled task as I've never done that myself but I would think if you set it up in the GUI and then save the configuration as a batch job then you could get that to run as a single scheduled task.
Schedule Batch Jobs