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Post by ra.bu

Can't find any related article here in the forum:
It tooks about 9 hours to compare my about 60 GB music files between source (external drive, connected to PC via WLAN) and destination (Huawei smartphone, connected via USB mass storage to PC).
This is anoying, especially when network goes lost (which happens quite often) and one has to start the scan once again.
Any hints how to improve considerably?
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Post by xCSxXenon

You have so many bottlenecks here. WLAN is slow, most Androids don't use a newer UFS storage style, and are also really slow, and HDDs are also very slow when syncing many small files, like music. It's hard to say which is the worst unfortunately. You may need to test from a local PC drive to the phone over USB and see how that compares