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Post by olvin

Hi olvin-

My bad.

There seems to be a known problem with GTK2 supporting high-DPI monitors.
I'm not particularly smart or experience here so I'm pretty sure what I did is not the the correct way to handle things, but since I don't have a high DPI monitor, I just commented out that check in the dc.h file.
-pmkees2 pmkees2, 21 Nov 2020, 18:02
Thanks a lot! It worked well. Actually when i received your message I already were compiling. I just deleted those 3 lines that raise error. After reading i was sure that all will end up good.
I will propose changes to your GitHub, in couple hours.

Please find compiled FreeFileSync for Raspberyy PI 4 (version 11.3)

instructions for installation - see section "Run FreeFileSync on another Raspberry Pi"

Tested is on another RPI4 with clean updated Raspberry Pi OS.
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Post by travo101

Is there anything stopping a snap being made of freefilesync for raspberrypi?

I know they're not the most efficient but seem to make a lot of sense. Particularly for small programs like this?
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Post by olvin

During running ldconfig error raised. 3 files that are duplicated in archive gave error "Not a symbol link"
(All works though)
For example i have 2 files and that are identical.
What file i should delete to prevent error? Or make zero size?