How do I delete or edit RealTimeSync entries?

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Post by bkm

I have configured RealTimeSync to run some FFS batch files when changes are detected in certain folders. Now I need to send the RTS LOG reports to a different folder. How do I access the settings for RealTimeSync?

I have tried starting the RTS program but it does not have an obvious way to access the running sync monitors. Also not an obvious way to disable them once they are started.

Am I missing something or is it supposed to be this way? If so, then do I have to uninstall FFS andRTS in order to stop the current set of monitor tasks?


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Post by lnienhaus

Here it is May 2019 and still no answer to this question. I to need an answer to this. This is a great product but the documentation is really poor and lacking vital information. Most of the documentation is for the older versions too.
Is there a moderator who actively monitors this?