Stop Checking For Updates?

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Post by JoyceAE5 • 27 Aug 2016, 19:54

I too find this annoying. I am running version 8.1 and don't want further updates. I have unchecked the 'Check for updates' option but today I got notification that version 8.4 is available for download. The 'Check for updates' option now had a check mark beside it. How can one permanently turn off checking for updates? It is becoming a real nuisance.

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Post by FKPhil • 28 Aug 2016, 05:13

How about altering your firewall settings to block FFS accessing the internet?

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Post by +ffsuser+ • 12 Apr 2019, 09:43

Quexos wrote:
13 Aug 2016, 01:30
Can someone tell me how to stop FFS from checking for updates (or phoning home in any way for that matter)...completely? I have unchecked it in the "help" section but it simply ignores my setting and checks anyway, then spams me to update and changes my setting back to default of check automatically. VERY annoying behavior.
linux ffs version 10.11 portable here - problem still persists - how to disable auto-update-check completely within ffs, once and for all?


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Post by petr.kopecek • 11 Oct 2019, 06:24

I concur with this completely.
Uncontrollable home-calling and activation requiring programs are on my blacklist for any financial support. Although I am happy to reward authors of quality programs (be it pay for license or donate, doesn't matter), this will not happen here unless FreeFileSync becomes truly portable and trustworthy program.

That the FreeFileSync bothers me with every new version, even when they are no more compatible with my system (Windows XP), is just the top of the pile of annoyances...

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Post by xCSxXenon • 13 Oct 2019, 19:55

It's more annoying that people running XP are expecting software to still be actively supported for that antiquated OS. As for the updates, I have had no issues, along with others, with it not checking for updates when I uncheck the setting.