When to use LockDirectoriesDuringSync

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Post by regis_1

I have approximately 20 concurrent FreeFileSync batch processes. Each FreeFileSync process writes to a different destination folder. Do I need to use LockDirectoriesDuringSync? Thank you.

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Post by therube

So it sounds like you shouldn't need to have it enabled - in your case.
Though from what I can see, it is enabled by default, at least in Windows?
So is there a particular reason why you'd want to disable it?
(And I'd wait on others to comment too.)

In order to avoid race conditions of multiple FreeFileSync instances writing to the same folder at the same time, synchronization tasks are serialized with lock files (sync.ffs_lock). The lock files are only recognized by FreeFileSync and make sure that only a single instance can read and write a shared folder while other instances are queued to wait. This is primarily intended for network synchronization scenarios where multiple users may run FreeFileSync concurrently against a common network folder.

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Post by regis_1

The documentation is ambiguous. In the first reference it says "writing" and in the second reference it says "read and write". If the feature is unnecessary for my environment then I would like to disable it because it sometimes leaves orphaned sync.ffs_lock files.

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Post by andrea

i am loocking on this forum to find news about how to fix problems connected to Sync.ffs_lock.
I just used freefilesync. The job has not been completed (the programs did fault).
In the folder i was going to copy a file named "Sync.ffs_lock" has been created and the folder now it write protected.
I not write on the folder, unfortunately it is not just a folder, is a SD memory. Do you know how to remove the file and unlock the folder. (i had been able to manually copy the file...... format the SD is not possible!)

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Post by Vas

its happened with me too, mine USB drive is locked and now can not format drive

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Post by xCSxXenon

That file does not lock the drive or it's contents from anything other than another FFS job. There is another issue going on