The Donation Edition is much too expensive

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Post by Heinz

The Donation Edition, where you get just a month update for 5 €, if there is even an update in that month, is way too expensive.
Especially, because much of the updates just bring minor use to the majority of the users.

E.g. for 50€ You get an professional backup software with all updates - not just two years of updates with unknown usage for your case:

P.S: I already donated about 50€.

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Post by Garbonzo17

Agreed totally... I always keep the latest version, and really I am fine for what I use it for from any version back to v4, v5, v6 etc... they all are fine for what I use it for. And most of them do the features that are now only in the donation version like Portable, and the AD stuff has always been a pain to either find a site that had builds without that extra ads during install, etc... but they were to be found on some sites all the way through I think v6... maybe v.7)
I use it on a couple machines, all in my house, personal edition, etc.. but do like the prospect of silent installs and automatic updates for Windows... always hated having to manually download it, then dodge all the 3rd party apps that change regularly.

Lower prices for the yearly versions and offer a lifetime version for around the prices of the current... maybe a expensive commercial use version etc.. Kinda the way SARDU is offering their PRO version. (<-cut & paste works in most browsers)

Just my $.02 on the situation.... I would like the minor features the PRO offers, its just not worth $25/year as long as I can do the work to install the FREE version. Its just not enough feature to make the high annual (and CRAZY monthly) prices worthwhile..


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Post by OctavioS

I totally agree. The pricing is obscene with this app. Payed once, because i wasnt aware of the time period, but never i will pay again. Already seraching for alternatives.

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Post by OctavioS

That would be starting point. 5 euros would entitle you to 5 updates. Fair enough. Ditch the time period. 100 euros would entitle you to 100 updates. I'm sure more people would donate. Like this gives the impression that the developer is a money hog.

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Post by Tony.32

I disagree with the sentiment of these postings - £20 a year for such a well supported and efficient piece of software seems reasonable to me.