Why the change in logs folder settings with 10.3?

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Post by cybermcm

The option can be found in the "Synchronization" settings of the batch job

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Post by rh1

Thanks!!! Very helpful for blind people instaed of many words :-)

I didn't find/recognize this as I did not change the jobs I'm using and for testing I did not check all menus.

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Post by GordonFFS

Just tried v10.4 and once-again I've returned to v10.2.
It's nice to be able to change the logfile path (allthough I don't need it).
But the logfiles still have generated names (the name of the ffs-command-file followed by a timestamp).
In my scripts I just simply read the fixed-name "LastSyncs.log".

May I suggest a changable logfilename. Many programs use so-called 'placeholders'. Something like "LastSyncs %FN %TS.log" (%FN will be substituted with the name of the the ffs-command-file and %TS would be substituted by a TimeStamp). I my case I would remove the placeholders and end up with the old-fixed-filename "LastSyncs.log".

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Post by timgeorgeprice

My situation the same as GordonFFS, so seconding that request, and much appreciated if you can do it for us please. Either way, thank you Zenju for all your work - FreeFileSync is simply fantastic software!

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Post by fefisy

What about the deprecation and removal of "%AppData%\FreeFileSync\LastSyncs.log"? No complaints, anyone? Zenju, 11 Aug 2018, 09:00
I don't know if this question was answered. As of v. 10.5, the fixed "default log path" does not work well. I've described the issue here with screenshots of the errors. The following is from that thread:
I realize that having the logs written to the installation directory makes sense for portable installations, but I don't see a way to alter the default log path for a desktop installation. /opt is not normally writable by users, nor should it be. Writing logs in a single, global location also does not work well if I need to use FFS as multiple users -- in my case, for instance, I have created two users for myself, one for personal use and the other for professional, and I need to keep the logs for these separate.
I'm OK with the removal of LastSyncs.log. That is separate from the issue with the current default log path. I see that it can be overridden in batch configurations but the default should not be in the installation directory (except perhaps for portable installations) -- and ideally the user should be able change this default value as well as override it in a batch configuration. In Linux an appropriate default location would be ~/.FreeFileSync; other operating systems have similar conventions for user-specific application files.

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Post by GordonFFS

I'm still at v10.2 (after trying v10.11) because of the newly generated timestamped log filename (in stead of the needed fixed name LastSyncs.log).

Anybody an idea on how to persuade the author to combine best of both worlds?

I've tried this - in the Override default log path - hoping to trick FSS:
No succes because I ended up with this file:
"C:\Users\Gordon\AppData\Roaming\FreeFileSync\Logs\2019-05-05\LastSyncs.log\2019-05-05 095612.754.log"

Why hold on to a generated log filename? FFS support Macros! So in stead off a Override default log path, why not a (non-checkboxed) field: Default log filename. Which - by default - looks like this: %AppData%\FreeFileSync\Logs\%timestamp%.log and can be changed (by users like me) to %AppData%\FreeFileSync\Logs\LastSyncs.log

Just my 50 cents on how to keep everybody happy with a flexible solution.

Have a nice day.

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Post by Zenju

needed fixed name LastSyncs.log GordonFFS, 05 May 2019, 08:24
The current behavior can certainly be improved, but for the record: Placing the following in the "Run a command" field in sync settings will do:
cmd.exe /c copy "%logfile_path%" "%AppData%\FreeFileSync\LastSyncs.log"