Some missing strings in German translation

Report translation and localization issues

Post by Fabi9494

Would love to help to improve the German translation.
In the screenshot below the last 5 entries should be translated as well.
"Services" => "Dienste"
"Hide FreeFileSync" => "FreeFileSync ausblenden"
"Hide Others" => "Andere ausblenden"
"Show All" => "Alle einblenden"
"Quit FreeFileSync" => "FreeFileSync beenden"
You can also add me to the translators list for future updates if you want.
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Post by Zenju

Thanks for your report, the items will be translated in the next release!

Post by Fabi9494

You're welcome! :)
Off topic: Just wondering, are you planning a Dark Mode for the macOS Version?
Best, Fabian :)