Automatic backup with timestamp ?

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Post by ricoh83 • 04 Jan 2019, 17:50

Hello everyone,

I've been able to successfully backup folders automatically by adding BatchRun.ffs_real in the registry. At that time it shows the following status
IMG_20190104_230623967~2.jpg (373.65 KiB) Viewed 78 times

However, the same method does not work automatically in case of timestamps. At that time it shows the following status
IMG_20190104_230623967~3.jpg (428.71 KiB) Viewed 78 times
I think it is expecting a folder named 2019-01-04 to appear inside H:\New Folder before it starts the backup process. Ticking the ignore errors check box does not help. Do you think if the program(RealTimeSync) sees the target path as H:\New Folder\%timestamp% rather than the pic above that would solve the problem ?

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