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Post by gremlin • 11 Feb 2019, 02:47

Hi Guys,

Enjoying the software, but think I've found a small issue.
Source: PC running Win7 SP1, internal hard drive
Destination: Synology NAS using FTP

Comparison: File time and size, ignore errors
Filter: include *, exclude standard stuff (thumbs.db, .ini etc), time span: Last x days - 8
Synchronisation: Mirror, Delete files: Permanent

The PC has a drive containing several weeks of weekly backups, I've setup the sync to only do 8 days, so I send the latest backup (full and incrementals) in the last week. The sync part works fine.

What doesn't work, is the removal of old files. ie, the files 9-10 days old still exist at source (and will for weeks), but should be removed in destination when they're past 8 days old, except they're still there a month later.

Has anyone tried this, and it works, or had the same issue? It could be several things, but trying to it figure out. The user account can delete files from the NAS no problem.