Can FFS recognize and sync hardlinks as hardlinks?

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Post by tracync • 12 Feb 2019, 03:06

I checked this old post and the ones linked to there, as well as a couple others that mention hardlinks, but their concerns seem more about softlinks...


In this post the user mentions how hardlinked files will be synced to the new location as two copies of the same file.

Is there a way to get FFS to recognize and sync hardlinked files as hardlinked files?

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Post by bgstack15 • Yesterday, 02:00

Hm, I'm no programmer, but it sounds that with some additional steps it could be done. I suspect that if a table were generated of all the inodes in the transaction, the program could check to see if any inode is repeated. Then, on the changed side, the files that match the duplicate-inode files could be the duplicate hardlinks. The functionality is not in the program that I'm aware of, but it sounds like a great question.

Outside of FreeFileSync, one could investigate solutions that reduce space used by doing a scan and hardlink replacement.