Take files from Several folders and sync to One folder

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Post by Thermidor2 • 13 Feb 2019, 14:06

The camera utility on my device stores photos in "date" subfolders, one for each different day. I want to sync the photos to a single destinatrion folder. So for example, the "sources" might be:
etc, etc . . . .

I want to sync all the photos that are under "c:\camera\pictures\" and all it's sub-folders to the root of folder "d:\pictures\" - with no date subfolders.

I have used a filter of "*.jpg" in FileSync - which makes it appear like it's going to copy only the files, but when I run it, it copies the files within their "date" folders.

Is there an easy way to get what I want?


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Post by Plerry • 13 Feb 2019, 15:50

Try running a compare and then use the ctrl-T option.
See the corresponding Manual topic.