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Post by RBc3241 • 03 Mar 2019, 01:11

I've used backup apps Genie9 and Backup4All in the past doing Full/Incrementals. I have my settings set to update the destination of ANY changes to the source drive, so even though it's incremental it functions much like a Mirror. I.e. I don't care about old versions. Just the fastest reliable way to get it all backed up every so many days.

Ok, so after using FreeFileSync for awhile to update my USB stored stuff back to base computer I began to notice it's speed. So today I tried FFS on a 6 Gig folder mirrored to an external USB drive. I was amazed that it copied the entire 6 Gig of all folders and files at almost twice the speed of the same folder on a Full backup with aforesaid apps. Then later I added to and updated quite a few files and folders and then did another FFS run on the same folder and it was faster than an incremental backup.

Now I realize full fledged backup apps provide extra capabilities for backup, testing and restore. But generally I don't ever restore anything unless it's due to a machine or drive failure and then it's a complete restore.

Sooooo I'm sitting here thinking in my scenario why wouldn't I just use FFS for both backup and my sync needs? The speed is faster and I can essentially do unlimited Syncs and be done with the old Backup app needing another FULL backup when too many incrementals have been done.
Anybody else do this?

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Post by Zenju • 03 Mar 2019, 08:32

A different question: Why would you *not* do this? That's the main point of the tool.