It is recommended to add PASV mode selection for FTP connections

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Post by sunyink • 13 Mar 2019, 16:34

error massage:"
CURLE_OPERATION_TIMEDOUT: Operation too slow. Less than 1 bytes/sec transferred the last 15 seconds
150 Opening data connection for list. [curl_easy_perform] "
It seems that FreeFileSync defaults to using PORT connection FTP can not be changed. I connect to the Android Flat LAN FTP server here, and when I start comparing programs, I get stuck in the return value of "150 Opening data connection for list. [curl_easy_perform]. According to my experience: this is PORT 150 information, another post connected to a large capacity server, when listing the list will always be stuck for a while, encounter poor processing capacity, larger capacity servers (such as me), must be timed out. It is suggested to add an option for users to choose the active or passive connection mode of ftp.
PS. I like FreeFileSync, hope it gets better and better.

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Post by Zenju • 13 Mar 2019, 18:21

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