Resume Files when DSL Crash

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Post by themasterboss • 13 Apr 2019, 11:39

Hi Zenju, hi everybody,

first I want to say - great Programm and thank you Zenju for the good FAQ.
One question:
I transfer big files from my local Client / Server to a SFTP Target (> 500 GB)
Sometimes the DSL Crash, and the Transfer starts from beginning.

With filezilla (for example) it starts not from beginning it resume the file.
Is it possible to enable the feature also in FreeFileSync?

Thanks for answer and best regards

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Post by kzk • 14 Apr 2019, 18:43

Hi everybody

I have read that this topic was discussed before, and Zenju was not very happy to add a resume function on broken (S)FTP transfers.

However, the situation becomes more and more frequent also here, where I use FFS for backing up large files over DSL. For some files, I wasn't able to copy them a single time within two weeks, whereas with WinSCP - which does resume - no problems arise; alas, WinSCP doesn't have the required features.

So I highly support the request of have a resume / restart function over (S)FTP. AFAIK, the restart point can be set by the client, so maybe restarting at a point somewhat earlier than that where the file transfer broke would skip any wrong bytes, if this is of concern.

Best regards,