sync.ffs_lock not cleaned up

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Post by tomlut

I use windows 10 task scheduler to run a batch job at 6am every morning that syncs some files from a server to a NAS.
<Command>"C:\Program Files\FreeFileSync\FreeFileSync.exe"</Command>
This is still working but since the last update there is a sync.ffs_lock file left behind every time this runs.

There are warnings in the log:
[06:32:33]  Warning:  Cannot set directory locks for the following folders:
                      Cannot read file attributes of "H:\sync.ffs_lock".
                      Error Code 5: Access is denied. [GetFileAttributesEx]
[06:32:33]  Info:  Comparison finished: 25 items found
[06:32:33]  Info:  Synchronizing folder pair: Mirror->
[06:32:33]  Info:  Creating file "B:\Hassio\2b5cb12f.tar"

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Post by papavector

Having the same problem on MacOS with 10.11 with SMB, and it's particularly bad on Apple FS shares.