Why does FFS have to connect to the server for me to update FFS backups?

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Post by ykio

Are my files sent to your cloud server? I can't imagine this is true, but:
Earlier I was getting this error message:
"Cannot find current FreeFileSync version number online. A newer version is likely available. Check manually now?
Error Code 12007: The server name or address could not be resolved [HttpSendRequest]"

So I'm probably misunderstanding what this was about.

I also couldn't get to your website or this forum.
I turned off my VPN and suddenly had no problem getting to your site.
(Once I got to your site and turned the VPN back on and no problems now. But I may be on a different VPN server, although from the same country).

I updated my version of FFS and now no longer getting that error message.

But why did FFS have to access the server?

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Post by ykio


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Post by Plerry

When opening FFS, it tries to check on-line if a newer version of FFS is available,
and if so, the user is notified of that.
The message you get tells you that this check has failed.

This failure does not affect the further functionality of FFS in any way.