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Post by Thomas

Hello, I want to compare only the filenames without filedate and without filesize. Is that possible? Please help!! Thomas

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Post by Radish

As far as I know that isn't possible. Only options are:
File time and size
File content
File size

However, you are not being clear on what it is you would like to achieve. If you look at the very bottom of the FreeFileSync window, after you run a Compare, then you will see there is a collection of buttons under the title Select view:. After doing the comparison, just try clicking on those various buttons and see if you get anything helpful with respect to the information you are looking for.

If that doesn't work then you might want to try WinMerge - which will easily give information that you can interpret on a filename comparison basis. By which I mean WinMerge will show if a file of name 'x' exists only on the left or right side or if exists on both sides. My understanding is that WinMerge can do this on recursively - meaning that it can look for file 'x' being in any folder and sub-folder of the left and right side folders. See this manual page for some details Comparing and merging folders