Update excisting files but don't add new files.

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Post by deKoquonut • 13 Jun 2019, 16:45

I have a selection of music on external drives. I have all of my music on my hard drive. I would like to update the existing files on my external drive without adding ALL of the files from my main drive.

Is there a way to update existing files without adding every file from the source folder?


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Post by Plerry • 14 Jun 2019, 11:36

This sounds like a case for a Custom sync variant, as you can select in the Synchronization settings (F8), and where you can define your custom actions.
If we assume that you define your hard drive location containing all music as your left location, and your external drive location containing your selection as your right location, then it seems you need the sync settings (from left icon to right icon):
  • Left; Category: Item exists on left side only; Action: Do nothing
  • Mid-left; Category: Item left side is newer; Action: Update right item
  • Mid; Category: Conflict; Action: Leave as unresolved conflict (or some other choice, if applicable)
  • Mid-right; Category: Right side is newer; Action: Update left item (or some other choice, if applicable)
  • Right; Category: Item exists on right side only; Action: Copy new item to left (or some other choice, if applicable)
Important are the top two lines above.
The bottom three may be irrelevant or not, depending on if changes can also originate on your external drive.

You can change the action per Category by clicking on the corresponding Action icon.
You then cycle through the available options.