How does free file sync deal with corrupted files

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Post by badrobot • 08 Aug 2019, 13:16


New to the forum and free file sync, I am trying to determine how free file sync will handle files if they become corrupted. Will it notice they are corrupted or simply copy the corrupted file? Please keep in mind I am referring to a scenario where the files become corrupted outside of file sync, say a bad hard disk or another app corrupts them.

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Post by xCSxXenon • 08 Aug 2019, 14:33

That depends how the corruption occurs. If you open a Microsoft Word file in notepad, edit the foreign characters, and save it, it will corrupt the file, but it will still be perfectly healthy as far as the OS and other programs are concerned. If a drive is going bad and a SECTOR has corruption, it may detect and return a data redundancy or cyclical read error. The first is file content corruption and the second is file corruption. FFS will NOT detect file data corruption but will detect file corruption if it is unable to read the file.

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Post by Plerry • 08 Aug 2019, 14:36

It depends on your FFS Compare setting:
If you do a Compare based on file time and size or just on size, and that data has not changed as a result of the assumed corruption, then Compare does not notice a change/difference and hence will not propose a sync action.
If you do a Compare based on file content, assuming the corruption does not render the file unreadable, than obviously Compare will notice a difference and propose a sync action based on your sync setting.