10 Macs, each syncing to NAS

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Post by kyle03674 • 14 Aug 2019, 23:32

Before I try FreeFileSync yet, I'd like to know more about how to support my scenario. I'm looking for a fast and local solution instead of a slower cloud-based solution.

My team of designers all have Macs running macOS 10.14. I want a set folders containing subfolders and PowerPoint files to be updated across all 10 Macs and our NAS. The PowerPoint files can be as large as 700 MB to 1.25 GB and are updated very frequently. Each designer has a folder, and they're the only ones that edit the files in that folder. (We use PowerPoint's "Always Open Read Only" feature to reduce accidental overwrites)

I'm guessing we would need to setup two-way sync on each Mac, between that Mac and the NAS? Would that even work?

I've used rsync in the past; would I need to use commands, or is the Mac interface fairly easy for anyone to use? Once set up, would the sync software require any user involvement? My desire is to set it, test it, and then let it run for weeks and weeks at a time.

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Post by Plerry • 15 Aug 2019, 09:31

I have no experience on Macs. However:
A Two-way sync should do the job, provided the "Always Open Read Only" feature does use some form of file-locking.

But as "each designer has a folder, and they're the only ones that edit the files in that folder" that may not even be necessary. Assuming each designer has his/her own Mac, if designers only create or modify files in their local own folder on their Mac, the sync directions are clear up front:
Their local own folder needs to sync from their Mac to the corresponding folder on the NAS; each own folder on the NAS of all other designers need to sync from the NAS to the Mac of the designer.
Then you do not need Two-way syncs and there is no need to use the "Always Open Read Only" feature.