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Post by marcel • 15 Aug 2019, 18:21

Hey guys,
My new Windows Server 2019 is online and ready to use :)
But I have a little problem. Hope someone can help me. My situation. New server is at location 1. At location 2 there is my old synology diskstation. Both devices have the same share folders. When I am at location 1 I am working and copy the files to the new server. When I am at location 2 I am doing the same but all is moving to my synology. I installed FreeFileSync on my new server. Realtime sync is activated and it is working. Server2019 is syncing with my synology. But if I am working with big Files. Copy this to my server and at this time syncing job is starting the files on the server are ok and I can see them on my synology. The new files are not syncing at the moment because it's not finish with the copy. This is okay. This files should be syncing the next time. After that job nothing happens any more. The file "sync.ffs_lock" is in both folders. In the task manager I can see the job. But it will not finish. I have no errors and nothing. If I kill this job in the task manager the next time it starts and works.