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Post by urobe

Hey there,

here's my situation, I get photos from cell phones to a local computer using syncthing, each phone one folder.
Those files I'd like to sync to our NAS, as the owners of the cell phones have their data on the nas.

So basically I'd like a one way sync. However, the photos on the NAS might get moved to a new location. In this case, if the photo still exits on the left hand will be synced again to right right hand. Is it possible to sync each file only once using the database? Basically ignore a left hand file that doesn't exist on the right side but has been synced before?

Any reply is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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Post by xCSxXenon

No, that is no longer a sync. You could manually exclude, but that sounds inconvenient in your situation. You could just delete them from the phone after sync, so it only copies new files and leaves everything on the right untouched.

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Post by Plerry

You may try using the time-span feature and only sync files newer than when you last ran your sync.