REQUEST: ability to RENAME

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Post by markusoft

I use FFS for more than just backup/sync

I need a way to RENAME the current LEFT side / RIGHT side files
right click on file list - RENAME

Rename window
Insert XXXX at Position [XX] or
Append XXXX or

Remove XXXX at Position [XX] or
Delete XXXX or

or if there is better way, I need to keep ALL VERSIONS of a FILE that DIFFER in a COMPARE

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Post by xCSxXenon

The program is specifically created for backup/sync. It does not support more features than it is designed to do. What you want is completely separate from the function of FFS. You can right-click > show in explorer > then rename from there.

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Post by Zenju

Actually, a simple rename function would be nice to have. With the ability to select and rename a group of files, and to preserve the common part of all names. It's a "to do", but not the highest priority.