Donation edition: How best to donate for my use-case?

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Post by stratum • 02 Dec 2019, 16:51

We are an IT company and we use FreeFileSync often for doing server or workstation migrations. I would like to donate and am wondering how best to do so. I read over the multi-user scenario and it doesn’t quite seem to apply to us. Here’s our use case:
  • We have 7 technicians
  • We do many migrations, usually remotely, and in each case FreeFileSync portable is downloaded to the computer, the migration is performed, and then it is removed.
Because we do most of our work remotely, the portable edition is never “installed” on a USB key, it is downloaded to each computer and run. In my mind the use is very similar, but based on what I’ve read, the suggestion is that we should have an activation for each server we migrate. Is this true? Is there any license we could have that is “per-technician”?

We really like FreeFileSync and I’d like to contribute but it would be infeasible (both technically and practically) for us to do so on a per-computer basis.