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Post by lucavoncroy

I want to sync four different folders to one folder, but then I have to create four batches.
Is there a way to create one batch to sync all folders at the same time?


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Post by Plerry

You can sync multiple folder pairs at once.
You would define four folder pairs, your four different (source) folders as the left root locations and your single (destination) folder as the four right location(s).

When you run such sync, you will get a warning that there is an overlap between your sync locations.
That is correct, as the overlap involves your single (destination) folder, which is part of each folder pair.
If you are sure there is no overlap in file-names per sub-folder between the four different (source) folders,
you can choose to ignore that warning and run the sync.

You can not use the Mirror sync variant because of the overlap.
It is probably best to select the Update variant, or otherwise
define a Custom sync variant in line with your specific needs.