Compiling on Windows

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Post by KimH • 04 Dec 2019, 01:15

I looked in the archives for other posts discussing this, but non seemed to be answered, so I was posting my own topic!

There are several features I want to add and UX changes I want to make to FreeFileSync, notably DropBox support, but I haven't found any instructions for compilation on Windows since version 3, interestingly enough a Visual Studio project file was included up until linux support was added, after which point it seems the linux build files are included in the source, but Windows project and build files are no longer included.

I would really appreciate some advice or a nudge in the right direction!

- Kim

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Post by bgstack15 • 04 Dec 2019, 03:47

That is an excellent question. I know nothing about compiling on Windows, or with Visual Studio. Are gcc and GNU make available for Windows? Check maybe.

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Post by KimH • 05 Dec 2019, 02:57

Thanks bgstack15!

I hadn't thought about that, as I always compile everything using MSVC, so I'll give this a try and let you know how it works out.

I was really hoping for some advice from Zenju on this.