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Post by jondot

I have a dual-boot laptop with Windows 10 and Fedora. I usually use Fedora, but sometimes need Windows. Because Fedora can read from the Windows volume, but not vice-versa, I keep almost all of my data on the Windows volume. I started by using FFS in Windows to back up. But then a read-only attribute was set on files and folders. I could still open files in Fedora, but couldn't save with the same name, delete files from folders or save to folders on the Windows volume. In Windows I could edit everything normally but to do that in Fedora I had to remove the read-only attribute from within Windows.

So, I hit on the idea of doing the backup with FFS from within Fedora. Mind you, the data files I'm backing up are still sitting on the Windows volume. Worked great, no problems after that until I loaded Windows again. I mean, I used Windows, but didn't do an ffs backup within Windows. After going back to Linux I had the same problem all over again and had to go back to Windows to remove the read-only attribute.

Anyone know any tricks to get around this problem? I don't mind duplicating my data files in Fedora, but then I'll be dealing continually with trying to remember to copy new or edited files to the Windows volume. It just won't happen.