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Is there a way to run multiple jobs in a specific order,preferably at a set time or manually.
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Also is there a way to mute finished sound
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>at a set time
For running individual FFS sync jobs at individually sequenced times:
See Scheduling batch-jobs

For running multiple FFS syncs jobs in a specific order (as a single scheduled job or manually), you can define a (*.cmd) batch script that invokes the individual FFS syncs in the desired order, while waiting for each FFS sync to end before launching the next FFS sync. See the use of the start /wait batch command.
Alternatively, in the FFS Synchronization Settings (F8) you can define Run a Command (On Completion), that launches the next FFS sync (with the same command structure as mentioned under scheduling batch jobs). In this way, you can create a chain of individual FFS syncs. Only for the last FFS sync in the order you would not define any command to be run on completion.
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You can also remove the path to the finish wav file in the options