Automatically Replace Illegal Characters in File Name

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Post by LunisequiouS

I've been having issues synchronizing files from Google Drive because files and folders in Google Drive can have extra characters that aren't supported in Windows (such as :, /, ; |, etc).

Currently, FreeFileSync does not detect if you already have copies of those files with the illegal characters replaced with an underline. It also does not automatically adjust the filenames when downloading, simply throwing an error. This makes it very difficult to sync large Drive folders if there are many files using the illegal characters.

Please add an option to automatically detect and replace illegal characters in file and folder names. This would also be very useful when syncing files with Linux which is far more liberal with what characters are considered illegal. This is basic functionality that I'm genuinely surprised is missing from a software as robust and developed as FreeFileSync. Please consider adding support.

Thank you.