Sync (or download) Google Drive shared link with my account

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Post by EirasMozz

Hey! I need a help here.

I have a shared link of a folder that my friend send to me, its a collection of bootlegs of The Smiths. 400 GB of files.

I need:
1 - Make a copy of all files in my own Google Drive account
2 - Make a copu of all files in my Hard Drive.

Can I make this job with FreeFileSync? I don't found the option of Shared Link, only to acess my own account of Google Drive on FreeFileSync.

Otherwise, this shared link maybe will be update with new files... if possible, can i use FFS to do this?
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Post by xCSxXenon

Can't you add the shared folder to your Drive? It should be accessible as 'yours' and still be updated by the actual owner