Reading sync.ffs_db

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Post by DavidWall • 14 Apr 2019, 03:59

Is there anyway to actually 'read' this file - at present I actually do a DIR > of the folder I sync - this takes about 10mins - so it would be an advantage to be able to 'read' the sync.ffs_db file instead since it has already processed the folder itself.

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Post by Plerry • 15 Apr 2019, 06:56

DIR gives you the present status of the folder.
The sync.ffs_db file contains info on the status per the end of the last sync.
So, the two only contain the "same" information if nothing has changed since the last sync.
Actually, FFS compares the two to determine the changes (if any) since the last sync,
and based on that proposes (GUI) or executes (batch) sync actions.