A few problems with syncing and filters

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Post by AgkKmFI

I would like to use FFS to compare a large amount of data, I want to copy all files that are 2 years old or newer from a directory.

A ==> B

Where A is the directory where my data is stored and B is the directory where the files should be mirrored.

I have encountered 2 problems:

Problem 1: Possible bug?
If I enter "Last X days:" under "Filter" for "Time span", this filter is not used but automatically "This year". It does not matter which numbers I enter in the field. Is this a bug?

Problem 2:
Is it possible that all filtered files on the directory to be mirrored (directory B) are deleted? I have set the filter to 1 year but even then only the data on the directory to be mirrored (directory B) is copied, no files on the page to be mirrored are deleted. Is it possible to change this in the settings to delete the filtered files?

Many thanks in advance
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