Cannot RDP after sync in progress: Business Edition

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I am using the business edition of freefilesync. When i start the one way sync, i discover that I can no longer RDP into the server that is running the one-way sync. I feel strange, this is not happening before in my previous server with Freefilesync, i wonder if its because of the new version which I upgraded?

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In case you're allowing RDP to use UDP, I'd suggest blocking it in the firewall and going TCP-only, alternatively:
Microsoft's homebrew UDP implementation seems to be repeatedly buggy and the unreliability isn't worth the miniscule perf improvement.
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I have follow the link to set the registry but still doesnt work. I have to reboot the server where the freefilesync will then not run anymore in order to rdp back. Is it also related to the number of threads? I reduce from 1000 to 400 to 100, but still same issue, as soon as it start to replicate, it cannot rdp in?

I also wonder if its because of this new version which I downloaded?
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I presume the RDP program that you are using is the Microsoft one that comes with server?

If so, is that particular software a hard requirement?

There is a really nice open source remote desktop software program called rust desk. It works on local networks and over the internet without needing to modify or open any ports on your router.

Give that a try and if it works properly then you have a solution..
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I would guess network saturation over anything else honestly. Is this server syncing with a remote location or only local resources?