Real Time Database Sync

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I have multiple remote Server each of them is running with Windows server 2022, also on each of them I have MySQL 5.6 server running for third-party Application database connection.

My expectation is that I want all the remote location database to be sync automatically as soon as there is any update from them.

How can this product be of help me.
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Not from personal experience, but I assume Windows Server 2022 machines support directory monitoring (from a remote location).
On your local machine you can then define an RTS configuration to monitor one or more remote server for changes in the folder in which the database is stored.
You can create multiple instances of RTS, each monitoring an individual server database folder, or you can define a single RTS instance monitoring all individual server database folders.
Not sure what would fit your use case best.

Upon detecting a change in (any of) its monitored folder(s), you can have that RTS instance launch an FFS sync, syncing the database-files between all desired locations.