Albanian Transaltion in progress

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Post by aresuli

Hello all.

I am translating the FFS in albanian language. Started today and hope to finish asap.

I have a question...?

in the header...
<language>Shqip (AL)‎</language>
<translator>Andi Resuli</translator>
<locale>Shqip (AL)</locale>
<plural_definition>n == 1 ? 0 : 1</plural_definition>

How do I insert the Albanian Flag as a .png file

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Post by Ardilogic

Pershendetje te gjitheve.
Une jam perkthyesi i FFS ne gjuhen Shqipe. Po filloj sot dhe shpresoj te perfundoj sa me shpejt.

Kam nje pyetje…?