How-To: Build 10.* from Source (Linux Mint)

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Post by StephenMeatheringham • 05 Jun 2018, 07:11

Hi All

I thought I would pass on a couple of tips on how to build 10.* (at least up to and including 10.1) from source under Linux Mint.

Follow the excellent instructions from viewtopic.php?t=4556 with the extra two steps I include below.

1) The Makefile assumes that "boost" is in the FreeFileSync source tree. In general it will not be. Edit the Makefile to set the correct path for boost. I changed it to -I/usr/include/boost.

2) "make install" will fail as "Changelog.txt" file is in the wrong area in the source tree. Put a copy of it in FreeFileSync/Build before issuing "make install".

Stephen Meatheringham
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Post by bgstack15 • 07 Jun 2018, 23:18

Thank you for sharing that! You inspire me to post the build instructions for Fedora 28, when I get around to doing it for the latest version of FreeFileSync.

I realize the link is another page on this same site, but would you mind sharing the exact instructions in toto here as well?

Also, please share what version of Linux Mint you built the application on. It's possible the different versions of Mint have different glibc or other dependencies that could have different nuances.