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Carl Thomas
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Post by Carl Thomas • 03 Jan 2019, 19:29

I don't understand why I can't FreeFileSync set up to work. I have tryed four or five times. Look at the attachment this is what I get when I set if up. Yesterday I had this on my dest U: drive so I formated so I would have a clean drive. So last night I set the program up again and when I looked at U: (the dest drive) this is what I had again.

Please help.
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Post by Plerry • 04 Jan 2019, 11:59

In simple words:
FreeFileSync (FFS) synchronizes the content of the source root location(s) (usually the left location(s)) to the destination root location(s) (usually the right location(s)), retaining its folder structure.
So, if your source root location(s) contained the listed folders, those will be replicated to the destination location(s), by default with (almost) all their content. FFS does not "invent" those folders.

If your source location does not contain a folder called Versions, that folder might be the result of you having selected to use Versioning as the Deletion Method and having defined U:\Versions as the versioning location.