SMB2 Encryption Enabled and FileSync

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Post by CPremo • 07 Jan 2019, 20:49

We recently disabled SMB1 and turned on encryption on our servers using the following commands:

Set-SmbServerConfiguration –EncryptData $false
Set-SmbServerConfiguration –RejectUnencryptedAccess $true

When trying to sync files to the target server, we get the following error:

Error Code 5: Access is denied [DeleteFile]

How do we configure FreeFileSync to authenticate using Encrypted SMB communications?

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Post by hullabaluh • 02 May 2019, 09:15

I have the same problem. I first created the ffs batch file with the GUI where everything worked well (previously accessed the share in the file explorer). When running the ffs batch file I get the error code 5 Access is denied.

We do not have assigned drive letters because we do not want to expose our NAS to potential ransomware. Thats the reason we bought/donated to ffs.

Where can we store the authentication tokens for the sync on network shares? I've not found this information in the manual (allthough I did not read every word but searched for the topic).
Thanks for any help!