Feature Request: Automatic resync after synchronisation

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Post by sy-subrc • 16 Jan 2019, 09:39

we want to use FreeFileSync to work offline with documents of our cms system (alfresco).
In addition to access documents via the web interface, alfresco also offers access via webdav.
We would like to use FreeFileSync to mirror documents on the clients locally via webdav.
The whole thing works very well except for one exception. For documents that have been changed locally and uploaded to the server by FreeFileSync, the timestamps in webdav (Alfresco) differ from the timestamps of the local files (the timestamps in alfresco correspond to the time of the synchronization process). Thus, a re-synchronization of these documents is required so that the timestamps are identical again on both sides. Would it be possible to implement such an option in FreeFileSync (recomparison and possibly synchronization of previously synchronized files)?


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Post by Plerry • 16 Jan 2019, 12:36

This sounds quite specific.
Besides, it sound like you are trying "solve" a result of a problem instead of solving the problem itself (by using a connection method/setting able to retain relevant file dates) .
Nevertheless, you can easily achieve what you ask by yourself by creating a *.bat or *.cmd file that simply runs FreeFileSync (FFS) twice sequentially, and have the user (or RealTimeSync) invoke that *.bat or *.cmd file instead of having the user invoke FFS itself.