Can you force always with shadowcopy?

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Post by RicardoJ • 20 Mar 2019, 09:25


Sorry, my english is very bad, but I'll try to explain my problem.

Firstly, thank you for you application, is very good but i have two problems that i wish you fix it.

If I install FFS in server, if the application backup one huge file when nobody access to it, FFS will backup the file without shadow copy... then if after it, somebody wants to open the file, he cannot open because the file is in use.

The solution will be very easy, with something like always backup with shadow copy will fix this problem.

My second problem i think will be fixed with the previous solution, sometimes when FFB backup sql server folder the database stop to work and show "pending" and this is a big problem.

If I'll force shadow copy always i'm sure that this will be fixed!!

Thank you very much and sorry, my English is not good

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Post by volker01 • 27 Mar 2019, 14:14

Tools - Options- Copy locked files.
Then ffs uses shadow copy.
administrative rights required.

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Post by RicardoJ • 05 Apr 2019, 10:52

Yes but it only try to copy with shadow copy when the file is in this moment blocked by a process. If not, FFS will copy witouth shadowcopy.

Now... think that the file is a huge file, like Outlook PST, or SQL database... then if i'll try to open the Outlook or SQL server the application fails because the file is open by FFS.

Sorry if my English have lots of mistakes or if it not ok, and thanks