USb Drive Is Not Readable and it's lock Read Only

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Post by Vas • 12 Jun 2019, 22:18

Please Help me.
I have USB 128 GB Ntfs Flash Drive and Windows 10. When I was Syncing File With FreeFileSync & Power went out So when Came Back I restarted Computer, Now USB drive is "Read Only" and can not Delete Partition or Format or nothing that i can do, i have tried the Testdisk, Computer Management, Diskpart, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 8.2 and EaseUS Partition Master 13.5 but can not do anything i Have Donation Copy of FreeFileSync. Now what Should I Do?

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Post by xCSxXenon • 20 Jun 2019, 17:07

Sounded like a corrupt flash drive, but if you can't even format it anymore, it may have corrupted the flash controller. I would be doubtful though. If diskpart can't run a clean command on it, then it is done for