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Post by jmp76


I use this precious software every weeks/months to archive my datas. However the amount of data is huge, and i do not need to archive all my datas. Some projets have not moved since two or 3 weeks and i dont need to waste time to verify that.

It will be very simple to put on each line a check box to authorize/disable archive of the line. When I archive my photos i dont need each time to check every years. But just the last (2019 for ex). I just do archive all photos once a year (2000, 2001, 2002,...,2019) but every months 2019.

I really use this soft to archive, upload web sites, releases, ... and this new feature would simplify my life (and prevent mistakes)

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Post by xCSxXenon

You can set it to include only the current year's directory