Error: Target directory exists but was unavailable during directory compare

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Post by hullabaluh

Hello everybody,
I've googled some time but there seems to be no specific page mentionning this problem. Searched in german though because I get the error in german:
Der Zielordner "\\IP of host\Folder1\Folder2\Folder3" existiert bereits, war allerdings während des Ordnervergleichs nicht verfügbar.
  • The ffs job is triggered by a windows scheduled task, running with highest priviledges and with the user (from AD) having the rights to access the NAS.
  • Being logged in as this user, I can access the NAS (also within the AD) without any problems or password prompts.
  • I can also start the batch job from the ffs GUI (being logged in as that user) and the job is executed without any problems.
  • The same setup works 100% on one other server, 95% on the second other server (5% the same error message but the next day it works).
Any ideas?
Kindest regards

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Post by Plerry

Can it be that your NAS needs to awake from a sleep-state?
If so, it may be related to this thread.

Normally a NAS awaking from sleep needs some time to spin up the hard-disks before files/folders are available.
As spinning up requires extra supply current, a NAS normally spins up its disks sequentially. Consequently, it may take quite some time (e.g. 20 seconds) before a NAS is/becomes available. This may exceed the timeout.
Manually I sometimes have to press Compare again.

You may try performing a NAS access action prior to launching FFS.
That can be via a scheduled batch/cmd script that first perfoms/retries a NAS disk access, and only launches FFS upon success of the previous action.

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Post by hullabaluh

Hello Plerry
Thanks a lot!
Indeed, this server is the first one of the three that accesses the NAS.
I've created now a script on the NAS that will simply list the content of the shared folder. This script gets executed by the Synology task scheduler 10 minutes before the first server starts its backup.
I will update this post if this does not work ;-)