File layouts (1), plus Compare not exist disc (2)

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Post by randomofamber

the new file tree layout is confusing for me. I tried all three types (Full path, Relative path, Name) and Name should suit, but it has one little thing that would help a lot to clarify this type of layout.

(1) It would be very practical if there was a by Name layout with it, that where directories would have a visible path, but for files in directories, the path would not be visible.
In principle, it would be sufficient for the existing layout by Name to allow show the relative or absolute path of directories to be displayed, see attachement...((2)The error message in the footer has nothing to do with this TOPIC. It is caused by the fact that the application allows Comparison with a disk that does not exist...)

Please consider this idea, I think it would be very useful for better clarity of the file list.
Thank you very much.
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