Stuck on an "Error retry" - errors in LOG I dont understand

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Post by AlainCh2

I's the same batch I've used so far.

Now it's more then 30 minutes stuck in an iteration on automatic retry,
and the item remaining number dont change.

a) what is the culprit
- cannot read the long file name string appearing when the timer is zeroed
- Is there a way to understand who it is trying to copy?

b) the only difference with the previous runs
- changed destination directory with a brand new empty one.

Any idea is gratefully received !!


I stopped and screenshotted the log... but I cannot understand what are the issues
Note: this is a Thunderbird automatic directory
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Post by therube

(Aside from the 0x52 error issue itself, you might want to exclude the /cache2/ directory - as it is only [browser/mail] cache files [& not likely to be of much value].)
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Post by AlainCh2

Yes, thanks

I did the same reasoning.
without that dir, it's working fine.

Nonetheless, no idea what I was getting the error for.