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godel fishbreath
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Post by godel fishbreath

my system linux mint 19.3
I paid some small money($11) got the donation edition, downloaded it, and not only did it not auto install, but when extracted to whatever standard place, it asked about replacing files, but the version number (via about) is the same.
What am I doing wrong?
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Post by bgstack15

Unfortunately, Linux systems have a "standard place," but you wouldn't be able to get to it by default. /usr/bin is usually controlled by user root. Now, even the de facto location of /opt for third-party software such as FreeFileSync, is also owned by root.

So, what we need to do is narrow down exactly what you're doing to run FreeFileSync, and we will investigate step by step if you're using the new parts.
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Post by VladimirII

Have you previously already installed the non donation edition?
Then of course it will replace the free version. Also files in the temporary extraction folder.

A downloaded file never starts installing himself, especially on Linux.
To install software outside of the 'Repos' you have to use the terminal and a 'install' command.