Donation Version 11 Update Issues with Norton

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Post by edziu76

Since I have been using the donation version I have not had any issues with FFS auto updating with the last few versions. Today when I opened FFS and went to auto update to version 11.0 I got an error stating (also see pic):

"C:Program files\FreeFileSync\User Manual.pdf"
An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file:
DeleteFile failed; code 5.
Access is denied.

Norton Popup:
Suspicious Action Blocked
Data protector blocked a suspicious action by FreeFileSync_11.0_(Donation_Edition)_Windows_Setup.exe

After having to abort I tried to open FFS and all I would get is another error so I installed the previous version 10.25 back and now FFS will open with no issues. What is different from all the 10.x versions compared to 11.0 that now these popup and errors are happening?

*I did disable Auto-Protect & Smart Firewall from within Norton and this still did not help with installing version 11.0.
FreeFileSync Norton Errors - Copy.jpg
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Post by therube

What would have happened if you clicked, Ignore, as in, would it have, & the install continued?
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Post by edziu76

If I click on ignore it would give me another error message with different file names. Instead of file "User Manual.pdf" it would be a different file. I clicked ignore like 3 times and each time an error within the same directory but different file. After the 3 times I clicked abort. I assumed it would keep giving error after error.

"C:Program files\FreeFileSync\User Manual.pdf" <------- File would change each time i clicked ignore.
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Post by xCSxXenon

1) Get rid of Norton, use Windows Defender. Norton costs money, or bugs you, and is no better than Defender
2) Go through the trouble of disabling all Norton services to install this one program
3) Create an exclusion for that folder in Norton
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Post by sflorg

Norton and McAfee two of the biggest jokes in AV / AM
Plain and Simple.
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Post by Plerry

Why copy this commercial blah-blah?
Fact is that quite some of those AV companies do an extremely lousy job in separating non mainstream bonafide software from real threats (unknown means: threat ...)
And they often even like to block these false positives, as by reporting these, the user generally gets the (false) sense that their protection software is actually doing a good job ...
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Post by Zenju

Why copy this commercial blah-blah? Plerry, 28 Aug 2020, 09:11
Just some random forum spammer => deleted.